Your customers can order/reorder in seconds with the flexibility to order from your website, Dezdy mobile or TV apps. Manage and fulfill orders using the web based Dezdy Portal.

[appsperia_tooltip title=”Supports Stripe,, Square and Custom Payment Gateways” icon=”flaticon-lightbulb” content=”In addition, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Cash”][appsperia_tooltip title=”Administration Portal for Product, Order, Customer and Content Management” icon=”flaticon-interface19″ content=”Easily manage your products, orders, customers and media content from a central admin panel for all platforms.”][appsperia_tooltip title=”iPhone, iPad, Android, Web and TV Native Apps” icon=”flaticon-laptop3″ content=”Your customers can access your catalog to make purchases from nearly any device type.”][appsperia_tooltip title=”Dezdy API” icon=”flaticon-interface19″ content=”API for integration with POS, ERP, Inventory Management Systems and enhance functionality for your unique business requirements.”][appsperia_tooltip title=”WordPress Plugin” icon=”flaticon-small62″ content=”Use our WordPress plugin for your existing WordPress site.”][appsperia_tooltip title=”Highly Customizable, now with ARkit and ArCore Augmented Reality” icon=”flaticon-lightbulb” content=”Nearly all parts of Dezdy can be fully customized.”][appsperia_tooltip title=”Import Your Product Catalog” icon=”flaticon-lightbulb” content=”Import your products and images with one click.”][appsperia_tooltip title=”Realtime Notifications and Easy Content Update” icon=”flaticon-lightbulb” content=”Send realtime messages and coupons to your customers. Built in easy to use CMS Editor.”][appsperia_tooltip title=”For B2B and B2C” icon=”flaticon-lightbulb” content=”Retail, Wholesale, Reservations, Booking, Ticketing, Delivery”][appsperia_tooltip title=”Secure Storage of Credit Cards” icon=”flaticon-lightbulb” content=”Customers can store credit cards securely and use them to reorder easily.”]

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