Feature rich, customizable

Your customers can order/reorder in seconds with the flexibility to order from your website, Dezdy mobile or TV apps. Manage and fulfill orders using the web based Dezdy Portal.

iPhone, iPad, Android, Web and TV Native Apps. Your customers can access your catalogs to make purchases from nearly any device type.

Supports Stripe, Authorize.net, Square and Custom Payment Gateways in addition to Quotes, Purchase Orders, Cash and Custom Payment Connectors.

Highly customizable, now with ARkit and ArCore Augmented Reality. Nearly all parts of Dezdy can be customized.

For B2B, B2C, retail, wholesale, reservations, booking, ticketing, delivery and nearly all other eCommerce transaction scenarios.

Administration portal for product, order, customer and content management. Easily manage your products, orders, customers and media content from a central admin panel for all platforms.

Dezdy API for integration with POS, ERP, Inventory Management Systems and enhancing functionality for your unique business requirements.

Dezdy WordPress Plugin, for WordPress sites.

Import your products and images with one click.

Realtime notifications and easy content update. Send realtime messages and coupons to your customers. Built-in easy to use CMS Editor.

Secure storage of credit cards for your customers to reorder easily.

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